Live Your Life! 3 Tenets for a Healthy Life.


Life is filled with many twists and turns and I’ve experienced a number of them. I draw comfort from the three major tenets by which I live my life. I hope that you draw comfort from them as well:

1. People are doing the best that they can. This is probably the most difficult one to explain, so I don’t explain it. If you understand the concept of empathy or the “glass house” analogy, then you should understand my thinking.

2. Life is short and life is great. I can’t even recall the last time I said that I didn’t have time for something. Hmm.. Stop and make time to do what you like to do. Make time to write it down at least.

3.  If you love someone, then tell him/her the truth. Honesty is beautiful. When you are honest, you show who you are and you are beautiful just like honesty. You want your words to match your inner and outer beauty.

Okay? Yes; #ihavefaithalldaylong that you are okay. And, if you’re not, then please tell someone. You’re just that important.

Abundant Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Live Your Life! 3 Tenets for a Healthy Life.

    1. My mother reminded me of this shortly before she passed away. She once told me that she thought that she was doing what everyone was telling her to do. For example, she thought that she was eating when in actuality she was not. Her mind was telling her one thing and her body was doing the opposite.


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