(Talking in) Circles..

I really like Google+ for some reason. It’s not as popular as Facebook though. Gmail changed their app design to mirror Google+ so we’ll see if people catch on. I like that it uses circles. They remind me that relationships require a level of connectedness and openness to make them work.
Facebook is cool. I think Google+ is coolER because there are fewer users and the information is clearer to view to me. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand things (life) when they seem like they are all jumbled or all over the place. Things (Life) can become difficult to understand this way. Also, when there are a lot of people around or a lot of noise, things (life) can get worse.
I really like to have my quiet time with the Lord so that I can just focus on Him. I love Him so. When I set aside time to focus on Him, it seems like I maintain a clear mind and that I’m focused. How cool is that..quiet time with the Lord 🙂

Abundant Blessings,


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