The Gift of Time


Sometimes, I don’t feel like doing anything! Sometimes, I have a good reason and sometimes, I don’t. Am I being lazy? Yes; sometimes, I am. Other times, I’m intentionally resting or intentionally being quiet and that’s good. We should take a short break from the hectic pace of life. With caring for children, maintaining multiple calendars and social media pages, working, familying, churching, sporting… and other made-up gerunds, it all can be a bit much. When we rest our bodies, we should also rest our minds. Yoga, prayer, and meditation are really great ways to be productive by clearing and/or focusing our minds.

When I ran into my favorite high school guidance counselor a year or so ago, she told me that she would have never retired had she started yoga while she was working. You can find a number of websites that show you the benefits of yoga. I will say that there’s nothing like experiencing yoga for yourself– There is an indescribable feeling inside your mind and body that leaves you in a calm state. I love how both your mind and body are on one accord after you practice yoga 🙂

There is a common phrase in the Christian community, which is “prayer changes things.” Steve Harvey has a radio show where he says this phrase and then adds the words “you dig?” on the end. When you pray, you’re having a conversation with God and you’re telling Him what’s on your mind. Whether or not you believe in God is your choice. I just know when I speak out loud and I’m intentional about the words that come out of my mouth that’s both powerful and cathartic. For me, that’s prayer. There is something __________ (you fill in the blank) about not casting your cares on yourself. That’s stressfree!

Be sure to use time, because it’s a gift. I remember a former supervisor saying to me once “you don’t get time back…there will never be another March 2005.” He was so right.

Abundant Blessings!

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